About Us

Welcome to Welcome Marrakech, the premier gateway to the vibrant heart of Morocco. We’re more than just a travel guide; we’re passionate locals who are on a mission to help you discover the most authentic experiences that Marrakech has to offer.

Who We Are

Welcome Marrakech is a dedicated team of local experts, historians, and travel enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing the beauty and cultural depth of the ‘Red City.’ Our roots are firmly planted in Marrakech’s rich soil, and we love nothing more than helping travelers like you to unearth the city’s many treasures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Marrakech’s vibrant culture and history to life for every visitor. We believe that the best travel experiences are about more than just visiting landmarks. They’re about delving into local culture, tasting traditional cuisine, understanding history, and creating connections that transform a trip into a journey of discovery.

What We Do

We provide comprehensive, insider guides to Marrakech’s iconic sights, hidden gems, and unique cultural experiences. From the bustling souks and tranquil gardens to the historic medina and majestic palaces, we provide the information you need to navigate the city like a local.

Why Choose Us

With Welcome Marrakech, you’re choosing a local, personalized approach to exploring Marrakech. Our insights are grounded in our deep knowledge of the city, its people, and its culture, making us the ideal companion for your Marrakech adventure.

Experience the enchanting Red City like never before with Welcome Marrakech, your premier guide to the heart and soul of Morocco.